Assorted examples of my work. Please contact me if you would like to see more clips:


How a Sushi-Eating Surfer Is Killing Food Stamps: An MSN moneyNOW look at the rhetoric over food stamp usage, and the reality. A hot-button issue, with the reality of food-stamp recipients much more dire than many would like to believe.

Do Early Peeks at Super Bowl Ads Pay Off? A look at how companies increasingly preview ads on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere to get the most out of their multimillion dollar investment in the Super Bowl. DailyFinance, 2011.

After Segway Head’s Death, Can the “It” Vehicle Recover Its Balance? My story considered the image and marketing issues facing Segway following the death of the company’s owner from a Segway accident. The Week magazine praised my piece as one of the best opinion pieces on the event. DailyFinance, 2010.

Gatorade’s Rebranding: So Confusing it Requires an Ad to Explain it: The piece looked at PepsiCo’s latest rebranding misstep, with a new range of Gatorade drinks that are more confusing than helpful. DailyFinance, 2010.

What’s in a Name? The Business Behind Naming Products and Companies With a rash of new products on the market and some renamings (such as the Syfy Network), I looked at the secrets to picking a new corporate identity. DailyFinance, 2010.

Pink Ribbon Overkill: Are Companies Exploiting Breast Cancer Campaigns? DailyFinance was one of the first publications to look at how some companies use pink-washing to boost sales of products during Breast Cancer Awareness month, while providing little to charity. My story was cited by the Atlantic magazine’s Website and, among other publications. DailyFinance, 2009.

Yule Log, Christmas Tradition on New York TV, Is Going National: My feature for Bloomberg News was driven by my own nostalgia for watching the TV Yule Log on WPIX. To my surprise, I found that it’s no longer just a local tradition. Bloomberg News, 2005.

Marathon Hopefuls Bid Cash, U2 Tickets to Run in New York City: A feature for Bloomberg News on the black-market business of buying a New York City marathon entry from another runner. Some runners were so eager to get in the race they risked a lifetime ban to buy entry. Bloomberg News, 2005.


Powder Dreams: A New Cross-Country Program Gets Kids Cross-Country Skiing: A new after-school program aims to get underprivileged kids on Nordic (cross-country) skis. Many of the students in the program are children of refugees from countries such as Kenya and Nepal. Kids VT, 2011.

Edgy Snowboard Graphics Test Liberal Vermont: A line of Burton snowboards featuring vintage Playboy photos divided Vermonters, with some decrying them as sexist and others defending local Vermont company Burton’s right to create the snowboards. Boston Globe, 2009.

Plated Community: If You Build a Development with its own Farm, Will They Come? A new Vermont real-estate development seeks to sell new homes with a bonus: their own community-sponsored agriculture (CSA) shares. The developer, with an ambitious goal to meld Vermont farming with suburban homes, debuted the project just as the real-estate market crashed. Seven Days, 2009.

Old School: One Burlington School Still Isn’t Handicapped-Accessible, and Parents Are Tired of it: The story looked at Burlington’s most prominent school building, the downtown Edmunds Middle School, and how mobility-challenged children, parents and teachers were blocked from attending or working there. That possibly placed the school in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The story helped spark a debate about fixing the school’s problems, leading to a $1.5 million project to install an elevator. Seven Days, 2009.