My story ‘The Frost Queen Requests Your Support’ in the Autumn issue of ‘Mirror Dance’

FrostQueenOne of my short fantasy stories is published in the Autumn 2014 issue of Mirror Dance, a fantasy magazine from the speculative fiction writer Megan Arkenberg.

I’m pleased this story found a wonderful home, and hope you’ll take a moment to read it, as well as the other stories and poems included in the issue.

My story is called “The Frost Queen Requests Your Support,” and it mashes up a regulatory filing with the story of a cursed (or talented?) queen who is searching for financial support — and much more. Could this be a new genre? The mashing of fantasy and finance? Finantasy?

Megan asks her writers to respond to a question about their work. Here’s what I said, in response to “Where do you get the ideas for your stories?”

Almost everywhere — sometimes it’s in response to a book or story, or a remark from a friend, or sometimes I’ll explore certain subsection of the genre, such as historical fantasy or weird Westerns. I enjoy playing with form; this story came about after reading scads of corporate filings for my work as a journalist, and thinking about how a hint of a human story sometimes manages to emerge. At the same time, I was reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to my 9 year old, and I wondered how the White Witch financed her ambitions. Often, several elements come together when I’m putting together a story.


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