Publishing my first (paid) fiction

Fall 2012 issue of “The Colored Lens”

My mom recently bragged to a stranger that I’m a published fiction writer, which slightly embarrassed me given that I’ve published hundreds (thousands?) of pieces of journalism, reportage and news stories. But I have to admit that I was secretly thrilled, too, and that seeing my name published in a fiction journal — and receiving payment for the story — brought back all the excitement of getting my first paid byline in a local New Jersey newspaper.

My story was accepted by a speculative fiction journal called “The Colored Lens” for its fall 2012 issue. What is speculative fiction? Science fiction and fantasy, my not-so-secret love since, oh, forever. You can buy the issue at Amazon here.

Another fun thing about this accomplishment is that my name is now searchable on Amazon. Yes, there are about 5 billion people who are searchable on Amazon, but I’m still enjoying the thrill of typing my name into the Amazon search box.

My story is called “Scoring Seraphim” and is about angels and demons trying to figure out their places in an impersonal hierarchy, the kind of situation that sometimes leads “good” people to make “bad” choices. Please consider supporting this magazine — and me! — by purchasing a copy.


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  1. Congratulations Aimee! I am still waiting to hear from presses about my book that I was working on in Italy. Hope you and family are well.

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