A-List Advertisers and Glenn Beck

With reports that Glenn Beck and Fox News may be parting ways, I wanted to take another look at which companies are supporting “Glenn Beck” through buying ad time on the show.

Almost two years ago, the show scared off some big-name advertisers when Beck described President Barack Obama as “racist.” At the time, Beck was riding high in the ratings and Fox News simply shifted those advertisers to other shows, as I detailed in this 2009 story for DailyFinance.

But what goes up must come down, as evidenced by Beck’s ratings: his show has lost one-third of its viewers. That must be pushing Fox News to look at the show’s advertising roster a little harder. What’s most enlightening is to compare advertisers for “Glenn Beck” with its competition at 5 p.m.

My piece found that “Glenn Beck” is still attracting B-list marketers, such as Lifestyle Lift, while the smaller rated programs “Hardball” and “The Situation Room” are drawing A-list advertisers such as Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. With a recent fill-in for Beck leading to no erosion in viewers, Fox News executives must be putting two plus two together: same ratings plus a less controversial host equals potentially deeper pocketed advertisers.


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